"The Truth about What It REALLY takes to become a Million Dollar Professional Speaker—Minus the Hype and Get Rich Quick Nonsense…Direct from one of the Highest-Grossing Corporate Keynote Speakers in the Business"

As the economy continues to struggle, the speaking business continues to charge forward like a runaway locomotive…but ONLY in the corporate market. Corporate America is sitting on $2.5 trillion dollars in cash…and the uncertainty they are facing is unprecedented. Bottom line: They need help…and LOTS of it.

The difference is they are far more selective than ever when it comes to choosing a keynote speaker, so the most successful speakers are thriving while average speakers are starving. And odds are that this is the new norm. The days of mediocre speakers regurgitating Think and Grow Rich and How to Win Friends and Influence People are over. When the dust finally settles from this recession, the only speakers left will be serious thought leaders who know how to solve problems.

The opportunity to earn millions over the next few years as a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant in corporate America is outstanding. Unfortunately, the charlatans of the speaker training industry who prey on people who don't understand the business are still telling new speakers how easy this business is, including the ridiculous lie that you don't have to be a good speaker to succeed. Lying to people is lucrative, and that's how they make the money they love to brag about. Professional regulation is on its way, but until then; buyer beware.

Think about it: How many people do you know who earn thousands of dollars per hour in their job? Not many, right? Outside of surgeons, celebrities and hedge fund managers, it's pretty rare. So when a corporate executive shells out $10,000 for a 40-minute keynote speech, critical thinking says it can only be for one of two reasons: They're either stupid or the speaker is really good. I've worked with Fortune 500 executives for the past 16 years and I've never met one that wasn't intelligent and well educated. The idea that these executives would even consider hiring a mediocre speaker at $10,000 is ridiculous. If you're going to be successful in the speaking business, you'd better be good. And the only way to get good is through professional training.

Unfortunately, many new speakers are day dreamers and wishful thinkers and they buy into the slick sales copy and verbal snake oil of the get rich quick speaker trainers. It's sad. The good news is there is legitimate training out there that can help you become a competent and well paid speaker, minus the hype and exaggeration. One such program for keynote speaking skills is the Bill Gove Speech Workshop, which has trained the most successful national keynote speakers in the business since 1947. Graduates include speakers like Bob Proctor, Nido Qubein, Brian Tracy and Mark Victor Hansen.

But when it comes to keynote speaker marketing, there's been a lack of no-nonsense, straight-up information coming from the highest paid corporate speakers in the business. Especially since the recession. That's why I recorded this new 17 hour, digital album called Million Dollar Speaker Marketing. This is a no-holds barred, digitally delivered audio program that will give you a Master's degree level of education in this business. No exaggerated claims or nonsense. Just the raw truth on how to make it big in the business…delivered by someone who's actually made millions doing the business as opposed to just teaching others how to do it.

As the past Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Speakers Group, an elite group of 39 speakers worldwide who must prove they've earned over $1 million dollars in speaking revenue every year, I'm in a unique position to help new and emerging speakers to move into the business and create more revenue. This past year I've been crisscrossing the country speaking to chapters of the National Speakers Association about this information, and the speakers who have heard it have been amazed. As strange as it sounds, very few speakers, even full time speakers, know how to earn serious money in this industry. In short, it's a business few understand and even fewer profit in. The average speaker earns $21,000 per year. Only a handful of speakers become millionaires, but if you know what you're doing, it's possible for almost anyone.

I was lucky. Bill Gove was the father of the speaking industry and he mentored me for 5 years. He taught me to ignore the speaker trainer charlatans and encouraged me to become a serious student of this business. I followed everything he said and every dream I ever had in this business came true.

If you actually believe that the speaking business is easy and you don't have to be a good speaker or salesperson to succeed, please do not purchase this album. The truth will only frustrate you. You're better off following one of the dozens of internet marketers posing as professional speakers and forget about building a real business.

On the other hand, if you're a serious business person who wants to build a substantial, sustainable speaking career, this album has the power to fast track you to success. It will still take tremendous time and effort, and you will have to be an excellent speaker to make it, but this information will put you on the path and give you the guidance you need to succeed.

My private coaching clients pay me $30,000 each to teach them this same information, but if you are capable of making a quick decision, you can get the entire 17 hour digital album for $197.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this 17-hour Seminar-a-Thon:

  • The Two Speeches You Must Deliver to Earn Seven-Figures
  • How to Build a Multidimensional Business Model
  • Positioning Yourself in the Post-Recession Economy
  • Getting Bottom Line Results
  • The Power of Paid Referrals
  • The Role of Keynoting Training, Coaching and Consulting
  • The Commodity vs. Personality Speaker
  • How to Reach Millions through Television
  • How to Become a Thought Leader
  • High Tech Speaker Marketing
  • Using Corporate Interviews, Surveys and Statistics
  • How to Build a Massive Fan Base

It took me 16 years to learn what I'm going to share with you in this album, and I hope you will study it like a scientist. Make a decision to go after your speakers dream now, while most people are idly attempting to ride out the recession. Right now this business is wide open with opportunity, but once the economy improves, this window will close. Timing is everything, and your time is NOW!

I wish you the very best of luck in your speaking career.


Steve Siebold, CSP
Past Chairman
National Speakers Associations
Million Dollar Speakers Group